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A day at work

How is the actual flow for manufacturing work? Here is an example of the day at R&D Department.

8:30 Start with short exercise

Start with short exercise and daily meeting.
Inform reports to all members and confirm their plan of the day.

Start from the durability test. (Durability test can be take 2 months long so the maintenance is very important)
Prepare for today's evaluation: Vibration and destructive test
Prepare sample parts.

8:30 The day starts with radio gymnastics

10:00 Break time

10:10 Prepare for the test


  1. Take a picture of before the test.
  2. Replace test jig and place test parts.
  3. Collect all the data needed before test start.
  4. Start test (If the test runs well, does not have to stay)

10:10 Preparation for examinations

12:00 Lunch

Cafeteria is on-site with corporate discount that help especially employees.
We have variety of food menus, lunch set, curry and etc.

12:00 Lunch

12:40 Afternoon work begins

Continue work from the morning.
Meanwhile, organize the pictures and the data before test start.

12:40 Afternoon work begins

15:10 Evaluate test result

When test has done, take the test sample and evaluate.
(leak test, color check, etc.) Take pictures of the sample parts.

15:10 Decision of pass or fail for examination

16:00 Prepare test report

Summarize today's test report and submit to the supervisor.
Finish the durability test that started in the morning. (Check if there are any difference from the morning.)

16:00 Report・Submitt

17:30 Leave the office

Usually work finish on time. When I have time after work, I go to fishing. City of Kure has many options to choose from river, lake and ocean fishing. Sometimes on a weekend play tennis with staff from Matsuju. Although I don’t have much experience, good chance to practice and tennis club members are great.

17:30 Leave the office

from Mr. Fukuda

Little after joining the company, I had a chance to developed a new part. At first, I was really worried that if I can handle this project on my own or not. My supervisors and senior engineers lead me to do process by process, make a prototype, evaluations (performance, durability and quality check) up to mass production.
The part is for control exhaust gas and now assembled part of the engine section.
Also I had opportunity to visit many plants in Japan and also Europe to study new technology, idea, and potential demand. I have been to Germany for the IAA International Motor Show, plant for Mercedes Benz and Audi. Putting all these experience, I do my best and work hard.