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Company name

Matsumoto Heavy Industry Co, Ltd


Headquarter / Plant
1-34-28 Hatami, Ondo-Cho, Kure, Prefectura Hiroshima, JAPAN Postal code 737-1207 Tel: 81-0823-52-1122 FAX: 81-0823-52-2444
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Planta Kure
1-6-1 Hirotagaya, Kure, Prefectura Hiroshima, JAPAN Postal code 737-0134 Tel: 81-0823-72-3388 FAX: 81-0823-72-3603
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Overseas office

Certified homologation



October in 1946


February in 1962

Capital fund

85 millon yen

Amount of sales

21,500 million JPY(fiscal year 2023/non-consolidated)


CEO Manabu Kato

Number of employees


Business lineup

Cold forging products for motorcar, development of pipes, production

Description of business

Cold forging products, development of pipes, production
Use: motorcar, farm equipment, and constructing machine

Main products

High-strength bolt for engine (cylinder head bolt etc.)
Chassis bolts
Pretensioner pipe for seatbet
Oil Jet valve assy
Engine pipe(water pipe, etc.)
EGR cooler pipe( heat txchanger pipe)
Guide pipe for opening and closing sunroof
Side airbag pipe

Main clients

MAZDA Co., Ltd.
DAIHATSU Industry Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Motors Industry Co., Ltd.
KUBOTA Co., Ltd.
Joyson Safety Systems Japan Co., Ltd.
Ashimori Industry Co., Ltd.
Autoliv Co., Ltd.
Hitachi Automotive systems Co., Ltd.
NSK Co., Ltd
NTN Co., Ltd
JTEKT Corporation


October in 1946

Now-dead Kazuyuki Matsumoto started manufacturing threads for motorcar in the name of Matsumoto Screw Industry in Ondo, Hiroshima.

January in 1950

Became subcontract factory of Toyo Industry Co., Ltd.(current MAZDA Co., Ltd.)

August in 1959

Designated as the processing experiment factory for cold forging of Toyo Industry Co., Ltd.(current MAZDA Co., Ltd.), as well as opening the pending the processing experiment factory for cold forging in Hiro, Kure.

February in 1962

Built Matsumoto Heavy Industry Co., Ltd (capital fund was 5 million yen)
Above- mentioned business was inherited.

June in 1965

Bought 26,000㎡ national land in Tagaya , built Kure plant, and completed consistence factory that was from cold forging to heat treatment.

August in 1979

Bought 33,000㎡ national land in Ondo, and move the headquarter there as the new head office.

August in 1989

Added 3,300㎡ on the head plant and became the factory which specialized pipes.

September in 1989

Mamoru Kato became new managing director

January in 2000

Got ISO9001 and QS9000(on a company wide basis)

November in 2000

Got ISO14001

May in 2001

Started manufacturing seatbelt parts for protection equipment of crew
Got ISO/TS16949 as the first Japanese company to be certified

February in 2002

Started manufacturing side airbag parts for protection equipment of crew

June in 2005

Shanghai Matsuju Automotive & Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd was built

September in 2009

Closed license contract with MAGNI

February in 2012

MATSUJU MEXICANA,S.A. de C.V. was built

December in 2017

Got IATF16949

December in 2018

Certified as the company that will lead local economy for the future by ministry of economy, trade and industry.

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